What are the benefits of early dental care?

Early check-ups help prevent cavities and cavities, which can cause pain, trouble concentrating, and other medical problems. Children with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Relieve Fear and Familiarize with Dental Care Children need to feel comfortable and safe in their environment, especially in new places. Starting early visits helps children get used to the dentist's office, sounds, and smells.

Our goal is to make going to the dentist a fun experience. You can expect smiling faces and a welcoming atmosphere from the moment your child walks through the door. Our office has an enriching theme of “growing healthy smiles” with toys and games in the waiting room. Your child can even watch TV on ceiling monitors while receiving treatment.

Taking your children for oral check-ups helps ensure a healthy mouth and a healthy attitude toward dentists. To have healthy teeth and gums for life, you need lifelong personal and professional care. Starting your child's daily hygiene with the first dental eruption is a must; but you should also consider starting regular dental visits in their early years, around or before their first birthday. Even children can become self-conscious about their appearance when their teeth are not in good condition.

While it can't be said that early dental care will prevent misalignment or poor spacing, it's a fact that baby teeth are in place to guide permanent teeth into the mouth as straight as possible. If baby teeth are not healthy or are lost too soon due to illness, permanent teeth have little support in their growth pattern. In addition, early dental care also involves evaluating jaw spacing. As early as age 7, a trained dental team can begin to encourage proper alignment using functional techniques.

The currently available evidence base supporting the effectiveness of ePDV and the recommendation for the first dental visit of Year 1 is weak, and further research is warranted. The benefits of EPDVs before age 3 are evident among children at high risk or with existing dental diseases. However, EPDVs may be associated with reduced restorative dental care visits and related expenses during the first few years of life.

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