What is child dentistry called?

A dental professional who specializes in caring for children's teeth and oral health is called a pediatric dentist or pediatric dentist. A dentist for children is well known as a pediatric dentist or pedodontist. They are specifically trained to treat dental problems in children. Therefore, if your child has any dental problems, you should go to a pediatric dentist.

Also, if you need a dental checkup for back to school, a pediatric dentist is the best person to contact. First of all, its premises always offer a quiet environment for children. General dentistry is also sometimes referred to as “family dentistry,” especially when dentists care for patients of all ages. However, it's important to understand what qualifications general dentists actually have.

Pediatric dentists, also called pedodontists, specialize in diagnosing and treating dental problems in infants, children, and teens. They focus on the unique dental problems that can develop in the gums, teeth, and jaw as the body develops and grows.

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